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The idea for Starlight Boutique was birthed in India in 2013. After a couple of years learning the ropes face painting at children’s parties, Sophie Starlight took to the beaches of Goa with her mini kit to explore what her creative desires would manifest. With dreams of a travelling festival experience quickly developing, she found herself inspired by an encounter with a now-lifelong friend who pushed her to buy this very domain.


10 years on and it's safe to say the little dream came true and has evolved into more than anyone could ever have imagined at the time. 


Starlight Boutique has many arms, all embodying creative freedom, human connection, and an all-round warm, loving experience.


Sophie has attracted a team of incredible artists, each with their own style and most of whom had no previous experience. This is what the concept is all about; empowering people to expand and explore their creative minds. 


Starlight Boutique operates a professional face painting, festival makeup and hair salon offering for all ages, as well as facilitating crafty workshops for small groups and mass scale kid's areas at festivals. The crafty workshops are designed with sustainability in mind and focus on recycling used toys, treasures and fabrics and turning them into all kinds of outrageous creations - most often in our signature ‘Festival Headwear’ workshops.

What started as a little face painting business has developed into a sought-after festival feature and a one-stop-shop creative experience. 

2023 will see the launch of 'The Junk Trunk' which will be the official house of our crafty business (previously known as 'Cosmic Crafting’). This will include the introduction of a postal and collection service for all your old toys and trinkets. With the aim of keeping the sustainability dream alive, this is an invitation to bag up your miniature junk and give it a chance to live on in the festival world where it will make a lot of people very shiny and happy. Click ‘The Junk Truck' icon above to learn more.


The thing that really separates this fun and quirky business from the rest is its bonkers maximalist aesthetic. If you're not familiar with the VW festival bus 'The Pineapple Express’, it's well worth checking out our gallery to give you a feel for what can be achieved. If you're planning an event and need help with the creative production, we’ve got you covered. No brief is too big or too strange; from backstreet boudoirs to festival art installations we are ready to help bring your ideas to life.  


After all, as we say around here: “One woman's junk is another woman's funk.”


The question is: Did God make you funky?

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