Amy Jones – AKA Amy Starchild
Facepainter/Glitter Artist

Do you want to feel like a unicorn riding a tiger made of lightning?

Pull up a pew and let Amy paint you like one of her French girls. With a background in fine art and fashion, this disco-friendly alchemist sees party goers as outrageous works of art waiting to happen. Experienced in painting children aged two to eighty-two, she lives, breathes and poops glitter and is currently wanted for committing random acts of sparkle at kids parties, massive festivals and just about everywhere in between..

Whether you’re looking for something fresh out of her brain or a bespoke take on your own idea, like all of the Starlight Boutique team she is always up for a creative challenge and can’t wait to transform you into a mythical masterpiece Warning: You may look so magical you attract butterflies and small woodland creatures.