Sophie Starlight AKA Starlight
Chief Face Painter and Party Planner

Born into the world on a bed of sequins, showered with glitter and raised by magpies, Starlight will spot even the tiniest glimmer of sparkle embedded so deeply into the earth with her sparkle hungry eyes. With a box of tricks that could turn Quasimodo into Britney Spears (metaphorically speaking) you can trust her to fulfil any face painting/sparkle request……

Miss Starlight is an extremely versatile artist when it comes to painting faces and is always excited by what the next party will bring. She has worked extensively with children from the age of 2+ and is also involved with running creative workshops for children of all ages. She¬†also runs Starlight’s mobile transformation booth which is aimed more at the inner child within every adult, this can visit you pretty much anywhere.

Being as adaptable as she is Starlight is able to provide bespoke and themed designs to suit all, the wackier the idea the better in her eyes as she is always up for a creative challenge.

Have a look around the gallery for a taster but please let us know if you have a specific theme in mind and we can send you examples to suit.